YOGIHEART | Milla Keskitalo
YOGIHEART is a Salzburg/Austria based label and festival for yoga practice and accessoires
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Milla Keskitalo

About This Project

Milla is a finish born dancer, dance teacher and a yoga teacher living in Salzburg with her partner and two twin boys. She is passionate about movement and teaching, and practises which aid us in healing and come back to our natural state of being. She is currently teaching yoga and meditation in Kalma Studio and in few other places in Salzburg.


SO 15.11.2020 | 14:00 bis 15:50 | INSPIRATION LEVEL | All levels


Dance Meditation is a healing movement practise to re-connect, get more aware and realign ourselves with our bodies natural rhythm and the present moment.


We start the journey within by using different relaxation and body awareness exercises to calm down the nervous system, to drop down through the layers of our body and release any unnecessary tensions. We then go forward doing some guided exercises still to release, become aware and open our body and senses until we slowly relax into movement completely.


Moving from a place of awareness and connection we can slowly find the freedom to fully express ourselves, help our bodies with it’s natural healing process and come back to our natural relaxed state of being.




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