YOGIHEART | Lorena Corzo Mimbrera
YOGIHEART is a Salzburg/Austria based label and festival for yoga practice and accessoires
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Lorena Corzo Mimbrera

About This Project

Lorena discovered YOGA many years ago because of personal difficulties and many body injuries that needed to be treated. She chose yoga, reiki and meditation as part of her therapy and all three helped her a lot on her journey towards healing, and still do. That is why she is so passionate to share her experience and knowledge to others. She wants to help people the same way she was helped by her favorite Three. She also wants to show everyone that Yoga is far more than Asanas and flexibility; it is about self knowledge, self acceptance and self respect. It’s about YOU and nobody else. We all have our own limits, and it’s ok, this is why we are all unique and beautiful.


REIKI has changed her life like yoga had done years before. Combining both techniques made her discover incredible changes. Although they are two separate entities, these sacred practices can yield significant healing effects when linked together.

In her reiki-infused yoga lessons, you find a mixture of all the disciplines she has mastered and practised; together with coaching techniques focusing on healthy body and mind, self-awareness, self-acceptance and meditation.


Lorena was born in Spain and has been living in Salzburg since 2013. She is founder and owner of KALMA, a beautiful studio in Bergstrasse. Her education: Yoga Teacher (200h YTT), Kids and Teens Yoga, Baby-Mama Yoga, Health Yoga, Yoga for Depression – Anxiety – Burn Out, Yin Yoga, Reiki Practitioner, Emotional Coach, Life Coaching (in training) and Yoga for Trauma (in education)


Me-time meets Yoga & Reiki

SA 14.11. | 10:00 – 10:50 | INSPIRATION LEVEL | All levels welcome


Reiki-infused Yoga is a practice based on the principle of activating your body’s natural healing process of the chakras to restore physical and emotional well-being. The technique is a combination of two ancient traditions, Yoga and Reiki, to bring about physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

This powerful and healing class combines restorative hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), reiki and coaching.

Reiki yoga brings together gentle yoga postures with Reiki. I will guide you through the practice to visualize and feel the Energy of the Universe. Through your own hands, you will feel this natural healing process in your body. This combination supports the natural flow of the Prana by removing blockages and imbalances.

A truly unique practice that helps restore balance and peace, and bring calm to the mind, body, and spirit.











All levels welcome

Teachers 2020